Terms and Conditions of Use

The website aims to inform users about the activities of Georgopoulos and Associates Law Firm (hereinafter « the Firm » which is the administrator of this Website.
The User of the Website must carefully study the Terms and Conditions of Use before using the webpages and in case of disagreement he/she must abstain from any visit and use of the Website. The Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the entire content of the Website.

Users navigating the Website are irrefutably presumed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Lawful use
When visiting the Website, users are required to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use and applicable law. Website users agree that they will use it legally, otherwise they shall be liable to indemnify the Law Firm for any damage. In particular, and without limitation, users agree that they will not use this Website with the aim:
a) to damage the reputation of the Law Firm or third parties, to infringe on the personality or other rights of third parties;
b) prevent other users from accessing this Website or install any form of unwanted content promotion as well as programs or files designed to destroy or restrict the operation of software or telecommunications equipment of other users.

2. Intellectual property
The content contained each time on this Website (indicative: graphics, photos, videos, trademarks, distinguishing marks, texts), is the intellectual property of the Law Firm. This content may not be in whole or in part traded, copied, reproduced, transmitted in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Law Firm. Exceptionally, the content may be used for educational or academic purposes by mentioning its origin on the Law Firm’s Website.

3. Content Change
All the information and the content of each website and therefore these Terms and Conditions, may be changed at the free discretion of the Law Firm, without prior notice to the public. Users, when browsing the website after each change, are considered to accept it unreservedly.
The Law Firm also reserves the right to suspend or discontinue all or part of the Website, including the availability or presentation of any product

4. Limitation of liability
The Law Firm does not guarantee that the Website will operate without interruption or errors. In case the user finds any kind of error or violation in the operation of the Website, he/she must contact the Law Firm at the e-mail address (HERE). Otherwise, the Law Firm reserves the right to seek rectification for any damage caused by a user’s complaint to any Authority without prior notification to the Law Firm.
The Law Firm expressly limits its liability for:
A) any damage related to the provision of information by the Website and its availability;
B) any damage related to viruses or any other harmful element to the user’s computer operating system, coming either from the Website or from the server through which the Website is made available to the user.
Minors are not allowed to visit the Website, since it contains a presentation of products aimed exclusively at adults. The Law Firm shall bear no liability in the event that minors visit webpages or use the services of this Website.
The Law Firm shall bear no liability in the event that the content of the Website is used by third parties with the aim to offend other third parties.

5. Personal Data – Secrecy
The Website accepts the personal data entered by users in the contact form. The information required is: Name, Address, Country, Telephone or Fax and e-mail.
The Law Firm uses the above personal data of users for the information support to users about its products; sending newsletters about its new products and other actions.
The user has the right to request the deletion, correction, modification of his/her personal data by sending a relevant e-mail to the Law Firm’s e-mail address info@georgopouloslaw.eu.
Users unreservedly accept and grant permission for the Law Firm and its authorized partners to collect, edit in any way and keep a record of their personal data as part of the operation of this Website and for the purposes set forth herein.
The Law Firm expressly undertakes not to publish and/or disclose users’ personal data to any third party, taking all necessary measures for the security of communications, in accordance with applicable law.
Regarding the users’ messages to the Law Firm through the relevant contact webpage, these are confidential and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, adapted, copied or forwarded without the prior consent of the user, unless this is properly requested as part of a criminal or other administrative procedure.
However, if this is requested from the user, he/she is obliged to state his/her real personal and other data to the Website.

6. Cookies
The Website uses cookies to identify the user. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user’s computer memory and do not access any document or file on the user’s computer, but are only used to facilitate user access to specific services, in order to determine the areas in which the services of this Website are useful or popular or for marketing purposes and (sometimes) for statistical purposes. Users can adjust the settings on their servers so that they do not accept cookies. In this case, however, the user may not have further access to these services.

7. Various arrangements and applicable law
The Terms and Conditions of Use constitute a single legal agreement between the user and the Law Firm.
Any delay in the exercise or abstention from the exercise of a right by the Law Firm, in no case implies a waiver of this right, which may be exercised at any time.
Any invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use does not affect the other Terms and Conditions of Use which are still valid and in effect. The user expressly and unconditionally accepts that such an invalid term will be replaced by another term of equivalent effect by the Law Firm.
In case of violation by the user of any condition, in addition to any other consequences provided for herein or in any other source of law, the Law Firm reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the possibility of access to its website at its absolute discretion.
These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed exclusively by Greek and European law. Competent courts for the settlements of any disagreements arising herefrom are the court houses of Athens.